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Get in the Thick of the Action As an Automotive Business Manager

29 DEC 2012
Career Path : Automotive

If you love cars, have a flair for business, and are looking for an exciting career, look no further than a automotive Business Manager position at a car dealership. In this high-responsibility job, you’ll have a chance to interact with account executives as well as clients in the exciting world of automotive sales. In a way, the position is one of the most critical ones in a dealership, as it makes the link between a sales prospect and a completed sale.

Automotive Business Manager programs are specifically designed to give students the training they need in finance, insurance, leadership, communication and legal affairs needed to execute sales transactions in the automotive sector. The career prospects for the position are quite bright, as Service Canada projects that more than 45% of retirements over the next five years will come from the sales, service, business, finance and administration sectors. Business Managers are really in the “centre of the action” as their role has a direct impact on a dealership’s bottom line. That means that the position is high profile, high responsibility, and consequently, very rewarding.

Usually 12 months in length, Automotive Business Manager programs teach students everything they need to know to be immediately employable upon graduation. A typical course load could include the following:

  • The role of a business manager in a dealership
  • Requirements of financial institutions
  • Getting contracts purchased
  • Overview of credit reporting
  • Understanding credit scores and risk
  • How to read credit reports
  • The prequalification process using credit reports
  • Cash and bank conversions · How to qualify your customer
  • Learning about products
  • Sales techniques

Instructors are nearly always industry veterans who are ready to share their extensive knowledge with students, to help them develop a greater understanding of the role of Automotive Business Manager. Courses are designed to be hands-on, and students have the opportunity to become comfortable with the software systems that are present in most dealerships.

Automotive Business Manager program students also often have the luxury of doing their studies on-line. This means that students who live in small towns without a school, or who simply want to avoid a long commute can study from the comfort of their homes. So if you’re interested in an exciting career in the automotive sector, and you want to learn about all the facets of the business, from finance to sales, consider a career as an Automotive Business Manager. It just might be the job you’ve been looking for.