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What is IT Technician Training?

19 DEC 2012
Career Path : Computers and Technology

An IT technician can be anything from the lone computer support person maintaining everything from the updating company’s website to their data backup, to part of a vast team of help desk specialists in a company dedicated to that purpose. As a result IT technician training covers as broad a range of skills as the job title implies, server maintenance, web design, computer trouble shooting, both hardware and software, programming, network administration and so on. As a career choice, becoming an IT technician can just as easily keep you on your feet laying cable as parked at a desk, and offers both versatility and indispensability, with the lone drawback that it is impossible to master everything, so that IT technician training is a career long process.


Computers are a constantly evolving technology, ever improving in processing power and subject to constant changes and new trends in use. IT schools constantly update course offerings to accommodate this, and. Even while employed, IT technician training never stops, with regular retraining according to the technician’s interests and needs. Thankfully most companies budget regular updates to their employees’ skill kit into company sponsored or subsidized courses, including sending them away to workshops and covering required certification fees.



The foundation of good IT technician training is industry standard, vendor neutral certification, currently through CompTia, an independent body devoted to provision of professional certification. A+ certification is a basic example of this. Without prioritizing one hardware manufacturer over another, this certification demonstrates 500 hours of hands-on competence, which might be provided by an employer or through IT schools. Other certification covers less generalized skills, under the same vendor neutral principles, while still others are particular to specific software.



While certification gives an easy demonstration of ability, it is very common for IT technicians to end up multi-skilled in seemingly disparate fields that are needed by a particular job or task. For example if an IT technician becomes responsible for maintaining websites, they might learn not only HTML, PHP or CSS, but also take a graphic design course. This has the additional effect that should they leave their position, companies looking to replace them may post want-ads with an incomprehensible scatterplot of requested skills. In this instance applicants should consider applying anyway if they have most of the qualifications, since they’ll probably be learning on the job anyway.



IT schools vary from career and vocational colleges to full university programs. While it is possible to break into the field with no formal IT technician training at all, applicants will have an easier time with a degree or diploma, to demonstrate well rounded knowledge. Even for a person who does not prefer a conventional learning environment, should consider enrolling in a short program, not just for the course materials but to learn how to learn, so as over the course of their IT career they know how to quickly train themselves to adapt.



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