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Tech City Toronto

19 FEB 2013
Career Path : Business

Toronto is a tech friendly place, but in Toronto, the tech industry is scattered among different regions of the city. Different neighbourhoods in Toronto have a different flavour to them, for example Liberty Village has a history of popularity with artists, but it would be difficult to point to the place that draws the most graduates of IT courses in Toronto.


There are certain places with a higher concentration, however. Woodward Ave in the downtown has seen a general increased concentration of IT companies such that it is sometimes jokingly referred to as “Webward”. Much of this growth can initially be attributed to the presence of many major company’s headquarters. Toronto has attracted more than its share of head offices and mega-corporations, and that includes everything from banks and car manufacturers to cable and internet giants and software firms. This has also brought in a whole host of start-ups piggybacking on the local talent.


However, in Toronto the tech industry is found in multiple pockets, from the aforementioned Liberty Village, but also Markham, King and Spadina, and Younge and Elington. A tendency towards sprawl and a gradual growth caused the scattering effect. Unlike places like the famous Silicone Valley, the growth of the web in Canada was a gradual process with companies following their clients and what they could afford for rent.


On top of regular programming and hardware design, Toronto also has a strong game design and three dimensional animation components to the local tech industry. This employs regular programmers and art school graduates, as well as a host of entry level video game testers. There are even multiple schools in Toronto that now specialize in just producing game designers.


The high concentration of talented people also means that Toronto has a good chance of being on the cutting edge of the next big thing in technology. New discoveries are almost impossible to predict, but they happen on a constant basis. Today Toronto is full of companies that could not have existed a decade ago, from social media marketing consulting firms to mobile phone application developers.


In a city that houses 8% of the country’s population, it’s also not surprising that Toronto is a great place for an IT education. It’s possible to find anything from software security to a cutting edge web design course in Toronto, for every level of learner. Toronto also attracts people from outside the city to work. It’s not uncommon to find out the new hire is a self-taught programmer from a business administration diploma. There’s also a great deal of immigration to Toronto and software engineers and other IT workers are fairly easy to import. A work visa and a job in IT can be a good jumping off place to Canadian citizenship.


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