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A Team is only as Great as its Leader

11 SEP 2012
Career Path : Business

Everybody that works in sales and marketing has their own personal sales strategy. Often these methods are based on personality traits and experiences, and they provide an individualistic touch. But often, essential points are omitted, and these may lead to a missed opportunity. This is why it is so important for team leaders in sales management to keep their teams united and with similar goals, while considering individual traits. This is where additional sales management training comes in.


On an individual level, being a team leader is difficult, and requires a very specific type of person. Fortunately, there are a number of sales management courses that can be completed in a short time and that can turn an average sales manager into a high-performing one. Being strong as an individual member of a sales team undoubtedly makes an entire sales team stronger, and it also provides them with an example to lookup to. When a team is given an example to work towards, it tends to increase their participation rate, which is something that is essential for a successful sales team.


On a larger scale, having a strong sales management team is essential to running a successful company. Unfortunately, the productivity of most sales management meetings is estimated to be around forty per cent. Since a strong management team is necessary in order to provide accurate feedback for sales team, it is important for managers to consider additional training. Since everyone is different, there are a number of different courses that are available for managers to enroll in, including sales strategy, managing activities and results, sales coaching, leading and motivating, conducting first class one-on-ones, facilitating engaging sales meeting and story selling. Courses like the ones above allow sales managers to hone their skills, and polish up on their leadership skill set. This way they will not only be more productive, but will also be capable of providing efficient insight for their sales team.


Managers should be able to focus on both the inputs and outputs of a sale, while encouraging their sales teams. After undergoing the correct training, sales managers should also be able to dissect the buying and selling process (regardless of product), define the key metrics of a sale, refine sales accountability systems and manage the performance of their sales team. To put it bluntly, the manager’s own sales training should always set an example for his/her sales team.


By having an organized leader, sales teams feel united, and that creates focus, and a sense of accountability, for both a team and its leader. A manager that is able to challenge his/her team is essential to the success of a sales team, and a motivated sales team is integral to the overall success of a business.


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