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How to Teach Your Team Sales Strategy

14 MAY 2013
Career Path : Business

It is not just any sales team that will take your company to the next level. You want the people representing your company to be the kind who will actually get prospective customers interested in what you have to offer.  This can only be achieved by first of all hiring the right breed of people, then secondly training them in effective sales strategy.


The following tips are to show you how exactly to go about this sales training.

Key sales skills, attitudes and techniques

Chances are each member of your sales team has a technique that they are more inclined to using while making sale pitches. This does not mean that each of these techniques generates results.


Decide on the skills, attitudes and techniques that have proven to be successful in your company in the past and come up with a program to train your sales team on these. By doing this not only will you be sure that you are using effective methods, but you will also be presenting a united front.


Ensure that everyone on team is on board with this training by working on their attitudes. Investing in a sales training expert might be necessary for the best results.


Emphasize on personal responsibility

As much as possible you want your sales team to actually want to acquire the skills you are teaching them rather than having it forced onto them. This you can do by involving them in formulating a personal action plan for each individual so that they can better themselves. When they have been part of creating the action plan, they are more likely to feel driven to actually follow it.


Reinforce the key behaviors you want

Many companies hire sales strategy experts but do not see a marked improvement because nothing was done as a follow up to the sales training. Once you have decided on the sales behaviors you want incorporated in your sales team, come up with simple tools to measure whether these behaviors are actually being followed.


Many people after training feel that they now know it all, but within a short time they fall back to their old habits. If you want to see a change in the team you need to come up with ways to constantly monitor and reinforce the behavior you want adopted until it becomes a part of the sales team.


Celebrate their success

It is proven that praise is a more effective way to reinforce behavior than criticism. When your sales team gets your company a huge contract, then it is time to pop open a champagne bottle. Let the team always know their efforts are appreciated, right from the first day of sales training, as this will motivate them to put even more effort. Come up with external and internal incentives and rewards for every job well done and you will see your team transforming right before your eyes!

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