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What it Takes to Get into a Nursing Program

14 SEP 2012
Career Path : Nursing

A community can never have too many nurses. Nurses provide an invaluable service to people both in terms of direct care as well as working as assistants in hospitals, doctors’ offices and other medical facilities.


Naturally, there are certain limitations as to the number of aspiring nurses a community can educate at one time, and because of this, admission to some nursing programs must be limited and selective. For one thing, since nurses work in such an important industry—that of our health and well-being—it is imperative they get a great and thorough education. This means that class sizes must not be too big in order that every student gets the attention they require, and has equal access to their instructors. The same is true of equipment: nurses must train on some of the latest technology, and for this they must have decent amounts of access during their training. Finally, nursing programs incorporate practicums and internships as part of the education, and there are only a limited number of these positions a hospital or medical facility can accommodate at any given time among their regular staff.


So if you are interested in getting into a nursing program, here is a small check list of suggested and required steps to complete before applying:


– Basic general education: having a high level of English, especially if applying to an English school. A high level of mathematics is also important. Finally, getting ahead in the sciences will not only help you get in, but will give you a good background in nursing.


– Computers: not only are computers essential today in any industry, but they are also a necessary learning tool in any advanced educational program. They help you stay organized, extend the breadth of your research, and give you a familiarity with computerized equipment which will be used in nursing.


– Health Occupation Aptitude Examination (HOAE): passing this standardized test is a requirement for entry into a school of nursing. There are many online resources one can research to prepare for this test.


– Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification: like the HOAE, having successfully completed a CPR course is necessary before applying.


– Immunization: Make sure you have been recently immunized and have all the up-to-date appropriate paperwork. As nurses in training will come into contact with patients, this is a requirement.


The above points range from suggested background knowledge to necessary certifications and paperwork. Perhaps the most important thing one should do before applying to any nursing programs, however, is to take the time to research programs and schools, as well as to seriously think if this career is right for you. Admissions may require some work, but only to ensure the most serious and hard-working applicants take up this very important profession.



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