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Succeeding as an Investment Banker

10 OCT 2014
Career Path : Administration

distance MBA programsTo succeed as an investment banker one has to be confident, talented, communicative, patient, exuberant and, most of all, ready to confront obstacles. And that can entail everything from opposing personalities to volatile, uncontrollable market volatility. Prepare for long hours and insufferable requests.

But if you love what you do, none of that is going to matter.


While a lot of investment bankers go into the field looking for wealth, far more are interested in the deal, the reputation, the honor. It’s about sitting atop a high risk, high reward occupation that can take you down in a heartbeat and with a smile. The process can be as tedious as exciting. It can be about traveling or sitting in the office all weekend. It’s about perfecting the pitch and the presentation, the negotiation and the scouting.

Traits of the Successful Investment Banker

Succeeding as an investment banker is about being an assimilator of information, processing, utilizing and relaying it for making sound trades or advising clients. You need to be the definitive multi-tasker because everything is a priority. No client or manager wants to hear their project is still on the drawing board. No stock is going to wait until you get around to it. The profession requires the thickest of skins.

Investment banking requires amicable personalities. If you hate socializing, you need to pretend you don’t. Networking is imperative. Other investment bankers, colleagues, business contacts, college alumni and the guy that keeps stealing your yogurt from the break room refrigerator can become valuable assets at the ring of the stock market bell. Building relationships through interpersonal skill are constantly at the forefront of the successful investment banker. Once you are successful, you can become the jerk you hate in the corner office.

Sweatin’ to the Money

Until you are running your own firm or hedge fund and can delegate, you’re going to put in the hours. Though in most cases, even those at the top of the ladder tend to burn the midnight oil. To your chagrin. The basic rule for most investment bankers is if the boss is there, you should be too. The last thing any young buck wants to find out the next morning is the boss couldn’t find them. At 4:37 a.m. And until you have earned the status, expect a multitude of late night phone calls and many dreary cab rides to the office while wondering why you put yourself through this.

It’s because you want to succeed as an investment banker.

Build Up the Credentials with an MBA

Nothing elevates trust like the foundation of knowledge. The highly successful investment banker can demonstrate training and education in business, finances, accounting and more. An MBA puts you ahead of the competition.

Fortunately, technology has provided the prospective investment banker the chance to further their education and business opportunities with distance MBA programs. These institutions are exceptional learning experiences. The curriculum is completely online and minimizes interference in other aspects of life because students can access coursework at their own pace. Accreditation has given the online MBA degree legitimacy over the years, making it as invaluable as one acquired from onsite study.