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Studying Abroad in Italy, In English

18 SEP 2013
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Italy is known for its fabulous food and wine, beautiful scenery and world-renowned art, and for these reasons and more, this country is on the “must-see” list for almost every American. Study abroad at an English university in Italy is a once on a lifetime opportunity to not only experience everything Italy has to offer for yourself, but to learn more about the rich art and history that permeate every Italian city. Italy is an ideal setting for a memorable study abroad experience: great food, limitless opportunities for travel, and the chance to learn about a historic culture and language.

While many U.S. restaurants have tried, it is virtually impossible to mimic the true Italian culinary experience in any other country. Hand-pulled mozzarella, local wine, and delicately-crafted pizza and pasta dough are just a few reasons why Italy is known for its cuisine. As a study abroad student, you can experience Italian food not only in restaurants, but in the marketplace, vineyards, and even in the home kitchens of the residents. Study abroad will give you an extended period of time to enjoy Italy’s fresh produce and dairy products and maybe even to learn some of the preparation techniques behind this famous food!

In Italy, it is easy to expand your study abroad experience beyond your base city so that you can experience the diverse cultural nuances of various corners of the country. Italy’s efficient and affordable train system will allow you to explore not just the major attractions in Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice, but also the quaint Italian countryside, smaller cities with rich local culture and even beachside destinations. While you’ll spend your weekdays getting a great education, you can fill your weekends and free time with travel.

It is important to choose the right institution for your once in a lifetime study abroad experience, and at an English University in Italy you’ll have the opportunity to study a vast array of subjects, including art, history, and the Italian language. Your educational experience will be hands-on and interactive. You won’t just read books about the techniques of world-famous painters and sculptors; you’ll actually see the pieces in real life. Leading scholars will help you analyze and unearth some of the world’s most famous historic events that took place right in the university’s own backyard. And regardless of your level of proficiency with the Italian language, our professors will help you build your existing Italian skills or introduce you to this beautiful Romance language.

Italy is a great setting for study abroad. You will make memories that last a lifetime as you enjoy its delicious food, experience the range of travel options around the country, and receive a great education in the culture, history and language from a well-respected university.

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