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Studying Film Production in Canada

9 JUL 2012
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Lights. Camera. Action!

There’s a lot more to becoming a great filmmaker than being familiar with these often-heard commands. Filmmaking is one of the most collaborative art forms in the entire world. It combines writing, drama, photography, architecture, choreography, sound, music, and montage. And those are just the principle talents involved; do not forget the production teams of budgeters, schedulers and location managers. Ever watch the end credits of a movie? Hundreds of dedicated artists and technicians pull together to create cinematic magic. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of this team, or even to lead one as a director, then you’ll need the tools and resources to help you break into the industry.

Unlike some other art forms that can be easily practised at home and alone, to study film you need to immerse yourself in an institution that can provide you with the equipment as well as the collaborative team effort required to produce films. But you don’t need to pack up and move to Hollywood to get a professional film school training. Canada is quickly becoming one of the best places in the world to earn a degree in film production. Not only is it much cheaper to live and study, but Canada has a great diversity in urban settings and natural landscapes to help inspire your film locations. When planning your education, consider film schools in Canada as a great alternative to United States.

When discussing “Hollywood of the North” many Canadian cities battle it out over who really deserves that title. Among them is Toronto, Canada’s largest city and economic centre. Toronto also hosts the renowned Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), where many great upcoming filmmakers first break onto the world cinema scene. Taking film courses in Toronto is a great way to learn a craft and make connections to the industry at the same time.

In contrast to the big city feel of Toronto is Montreal. If Toronto and Vancouver compete over being Canada’s Hollywood, than Montreal is North America’s Little Europe. The city, with its ports and old town, diverse multi-lingual culture, and gorgeous old Victorian neighbourhoods is truly an art work in itself. Film courses in Montreal give the student the full advantage to such an inspiring setting with international influences.

Wherever you decide to study film production in Canada, there are several things you want to look out for in choosing a school. Some film schools assume a prior knowledge of film production before enrolling, and may in fact reject students who do not have any experience. If you are just getting started, look for a program that uses a modular format of teaching. This follows a ‘ground zero’ approach from the start and then builds rapidly through each skillset in the process of making movies.

Not only should one learn every step, but also every technology that film has used over the decades. Research your school’s facilities to see if they teach both 16 mm film and digital video production.

California is no longer the centre of movie magic. For more options on where to begin your film education, Canada’s many cities have great institutions that will put you in the spotlight or in the director’s chair.

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