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Studying Your Way to a Career in Hospitality and Resort Business Management

24 AUG 2012
Career Path : Travel and Tourism

Although the economic downturn affected several industries, the tourism industry is moving forward at a fast and steady pace. For those of you who are aspiring to be tourism professionals, now may be just the right time to pursue a career in Hospitality and Resort Business Management. To give you idea of what exactly such a career would entail, let’s have a look at typical courses you can expect to study when enrolled in the program.

Human Resource Management

A huge part of a managerial role comes with being able to structure and organize almost every detail of a corporation or organization. When studying Human Resource Management you will discover which practices are implemented in the hospitality industry and how these practices are expected to change or alter over time.

Hospitality Law

The make-up of an industry as a whole is heavily dictated by the laws and regulations that it must follow. Learning the ins and outs of Hospitality Law will ensure that you are familiar with the industry procedures as well as how certain regulations affect how the hospitality business functions on a daily basis.

Housekeeping Management

Being able to offer travellers an impeccable hospitality experience requires an outstanding housekeeping team. Depending on the size of the operation, a housekeeping team can range anywhere from one single person to thousands of people. This course will help you grasp the crucial elements of housekeeping management by touching on everything from organizing and budgeting, to planning and supervising.

Assisting Travellers with Disabilities

It is crucial for a hospitality manager to be able to accommodate and address the concerns of every single traveller that passes through. It goes without saying that this includes people with disabilities. Being able to provide disabled travellers with the same flawless service and options is crucial to ensuring a universal code of conduct. This course will expose students to the regulations and best practices regarding disabled travellers.

Food Operations Management

A vital quality that is needed for successful hospitality business management is the ability to manage food operations.  This involves mastering every single detail, including food suppliers, storage, hiring a qualified and talented chef, having an enthusiastic and productive service team, budgeting and scheduling.

Career Development

Like any other career-driven person, tourism professionals often aspire to take their career to its maximum height. To do so, they will have to constantly be expanding their skill set and taking the initiative to learn more about the way the industry is developing. A course in Career Development

These tourism courses are just a sample of what you can expect to learn in a Hospitality and Resort Business Management program. Interested? Good. Now go get started!


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