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Things to Do While You Study Abroad In Rome

9 SEP 2013
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When in Rome, blah blah blah… You know the old saying. But what does it mean exactly? What precisely do the Romans do that distinguishes them from other Italians, and how can you respectfully exploit these treats and have the time of your life while studying in Rome?

It all comes down to your itinerary. Start researching prior to your arrival in Rome so you can roughly map out the various walking tours, museums and osterias you should definitely swing by.

Use every moment of your free time to explore every nook and cranny Rome has to offer. And don’t just stick to the typical touristy stuff. Be creative. Ask around. Find out what’s niche and tucked away and not quite on the radar. If you’re too busy, use the following list for ideas as a jump-off.

Students at colleges in Rome should learn to drink authentic espresso concoctions. Start with Caffe Romana. Long enjoyed by stylish Romans, this morning delicacy consists of espresso, whipped cream, and a teeny tiny dash of Sambuca. Go on and live a little.

Next, take the edge off your hunger with a visit—or several—to the Jewish Quarter. Try the fried artichokes or the fried anything. Italians are famed for their microregional cuisine in the Jewish style, especially deep fat fried in olive oil. Who says study in Italy can’t include culinary research on the side?

You’ll certainly want to walk off those excess calories. The Villa Borghese, Rome’s largest public park, is perfect for post-lunch or postprandial posturing. The Italians have a tradition called la passegiata. They take to the streets after a large meal, usually dinner. They walk and check each other out. Very Roman.

Camp out in the Piazza Navona and take in the sights—all of the sights. You wanted to study in Italy, so don’t miss out on any part of the local culture.

Of course, dash over to the Trevi Fountain at some point. Make a wish silently and toss a coin into the pristine, roiling waters. Then head over to the Coliseum, what’s left of it. May as well.

Hungry again? Spend some well begged-for money at a rooftop restaurant. Rome’s countless chichi eateries with rooftop access allow you to munch on amazing homemade culinary masterpieces while admiring the infinite Italian skyline.

Rediscover your center at the Capuchin Bone Chapel. This famous crypt contains the even more famous Capuchin chapels beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. The chapels are adorned with the bones of Capuchin monks. According to local church history, the monks’ bones have been preserved to remind visitors, pilgrims and members of the church itself of the swiftness and fragility of life. How’s that for a wonderful philosophical lesson?

Rome holds many more such lessons waiting for you to discover. Colleges in Rome offering study abroad programs want you to be able to enjoy the city- it’s part of the student experience and will only enhance your learning.

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