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Why Study Political Science at John Cabot University?

30 JAN 2014

With an increasingly globalized world and the fast-paced environment of global politics, it’s an inspiring and exciting time to be in political science. For an excellent understanding and grasp of the world’s political situation, there’s no better degree than political science and there’s no better place to pursue that degree than John Cabot University in Rome. This great blog post discusses just what it is that makes their program stand out from the rest.

“Faculty members of the Department of Political and Social Sciences are world renowned in their area of expertise. They hold PhDs and doctorates from some of the most celebrated universities in the United States and Europe. Bringing to the table both innovative academic research and practical experience, faculty members can offer students an extremely rare and specialized look at world affairs and global politics Because of its location, the political science program at John Cabot University offers students who study abroad valuable experiences and opportunities that truly don’t exist elsewhere. Graduating students quite regularly take internships at international organizations – including the World Food Program and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, both based in Rome.”

Because of its unique position in the world as a global hub, and being the birthplace of modern European politics, Rome is undoubtedly one of the best cities to learn about politics. With John Cabot University’s unique and celebrated program, as well as the wealth of opportunities for advancement and employment in the city, it’s no shock that it’s one of the best universities at which to study political science.