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Why You Should Study Massage Therapy at OVCMT

7 APR 2014

Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing careers in Canada right now, owing largely to the fact that more and more employers are including massages in their healthcare plans, meaning more employees are looking to get massages. This has lead to an increase in demand for qualified and exceptionally talented students who have the right skills and knowledge to become skilled massage therapists. Picking the right massage therapy college can be a bit tricky, but the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy has made a pretty good argument about what sets their program apart from others, and it’s pretty convincing. Not only do they have the lowest tuition for a school of their kind in British Columbia, but their college is located in the middle of some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Canada – from crystal clear beaches to incredible ski hills, there’s never a shortage of fun. Check out this great blog post by the school to find out more information about why you should study massage therapy at OVCMT.

“OVCMT’s campus is smack in the middle of downtown, and is exceptionally close to amazing shopping, beautiful cafes and a plethora of great housing options.

You’re just a stone’s throw away from crystal clear lakes, sandy beaches, luscious green golf courses and all the skiing you can shake a ski pole at.  Because of the relatively small size of Vernon, any student accommodation you find is going to be within walking or driving distance, with great bus options as well. Not only is there a wealth of things to enjoy, but you’ll also get 4-5 weeks of holiday time at OVCMT, meaning you’ll actually get to soak it all in.”