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Why study Legal Office Administration at NAHB?

10 JAN 2014
Career Path : Business

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This week’s National Academy of Health and Business blog post, Why study Legal Office Administration at NAHB? focuses on how the 26 week diploma program supports student success by building relevant skills for today’s modern law office. Responding to current employer demands, NAHB ensures that students develop an understanding of several different legal sectors, and become comfortable operating several Microsoft data-management programs. In addition, the blog post explains that

NAHB ensures that students are well-versed in written and oral business communication, the principles of Canadian law, and legal terminology. Graduates are known for their high level of skill and work-place professionalism. NAHB also supports students by showing them how to translate their newly acquired diploma into a successful job placement.  Toward the end of the program, special attention is paid to the dimensions of job searching – this crucial element is built into course curriculum. Graduates of the program have secured positions in corporate law departments, small legal practice, attorney’s offices, and large legal organizations.

Many college and university programs neglect to prepare students for the challenge of finding that first job. Understanding how to approach a new potential employer, where to look for opportunities, and how to best represent one’s newly developed skill set are all essential skills for launching a successful career. NAHB provides support in this area by including instruction on job searching in their 26 week course outline.  Helping students connect their education to employment, the Academy demonstrates its care for students during their enrollment and beyond graduation.