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Why Study International Business at John Cabot University?

6 FEB 2014

In our increasingly globalized world, knowledge of international business isn’t just an essential skill, it’s a necessity. With multinational corporations, wide-reaching trade agreements and the internet making other countries’ and cultures’ products available at just a click away, you’re dead in the water in business if you don’t have strong knowledge of what’s happening internationally. If you plan on going into business, an excellent international business program makes all the difference. If you’re not up to date on international politics, tariffs and trade agreements, you’re pretty much dead in the water. John Cabot University recently published a great blog about what makes their Bachelor of Arts in International Business so unique. Being a globally minded university that places a heavy emphasis on cultural diversity and offers many study abroad opportunities, it’s not hard to see what makes their program a cut above the rest.

“What really sets John Cabot University’s international business program apart from the other colleges in Rome is the unique opportunities provided by the university’s Institute for Entrepreneurship. It provides students a place to hone the skills they’re learning in classes, share ideas with fellow students and entrepreneurs, hear lectures from prominent international businesspeople, and explore the possibilities of international entrepreneurship.

Because of the cosmopolitan nature of the student body, this gives students the rare opportunity to forge and foster relationships with students from many different countries, some of which will become international business relationships down the road.”