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Why Study Insurance at AOLCC?

14 FEB 2014
Career Path : Insurance

With most careers, the right training and schooling make all the difference and can help you succeed in your chosen field. This is especially true in the business of insurance, a rapidly growing and incredibly competitive field. Because insurance is such a demanding and competitive field, the best training possible is paramount to your success. So how do you know which school to choose? Well, Academy of Learning College Alberta provided a great blog post that talks about why you should study insurance there, and it’s quite compelling. From the possibilities of getting one-on-one time with expert instructors, to courses that prepare you for a wealth of careers in the insurance industry and don’t just pigeonhole you into a specific job, it’s not hard to see why their graduates go on to achieve great things.

“Unlike other schools, Academy of Learning College Alberta is there to ensure that as a student you have the best and most rewarding scholastic experience possible. This means great instructors that will provide one-on-one help whenever you need it, an extremely practical and hands-on approach to teaching skills, assistance finding a job when you graduate, extremely flexible class hours and much more. There’s also the monthly “Student Appreciation Day,” in which the school recognizes all the hard work that students – whether they be in insurance or health care training – put in by celebrating with food, drinks, guest speakers, a full banquet and a ton of entertainment. How’s that for a great student experience?”