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Why Study In a Film School in Toronto?

15 APR 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

As an international student, there are a lot of reasons to choose film schools in Canada, and a film school in Toronto in particular. The quality of the education is exceptional, while the cost is reasonable. Toronto is a very welcoming city. You will find a lot to do and fit in exceptionally well. There is also a strong tradition of accepting international students, so coming to Canada is a relatively straight forward prospect. You may even be able to do paid work while you study.



Film schools in Canada are top notch. There is no difficulty for graduates having their credentials recognized elsewhere. In fact if you check the alumni of a film school in Toronto you will find many familiar film industry names as the country tends to punch above their weight in many instances. This runs from film, television and music. You can really be confident of the quality of the education you’re going to get and know that you will be learning the latest film techniques on up to date equipment. Canada even makes its own avant-garde film.



The other North American option, the United States, is considerably more expensive in many, if not most cases. Even students from the United States come to Canada to pay full cost for a degree from here, and pay less than their local rate at home. This is one of the things that makes the country extremely popular with students. Student visas may even allow you a limited number of paid hours, great for cost cutting and work experience alike.



With 1 in 5 Canadians of foreign birth and most of the immigrants concentrated in urban areas, a film school in Toronto is based into a truly international city. Whether you come from a small or a large country, you are guaranteed to be able to find a Toronto community for a taste and the sound of home. As a result there are also lots of support groups and clubs for international students and immigrants. Who knows, you might fall in love with Toronto and stay!


It is easy

Canada makes studying here easy. Since your tuition does not take away from school funding for locals, film schools in Canada have fairly streamlined international admissions processes, same as other Canadian post-secondary education institutions. Admissions officers will usually walk you through the process of acquiring a visa and recommend everything you will need to get processed fast. You may, however, need an English as a Second Language proficiency test to prove you can handle the material, though many schools will waive an internal test if you have internationally recognized credentials in English as a Second Language.

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