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Why Study Communications at John Cabot University?

24 MAR 2014

In today’s society, we are all connected with each other at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen, meaning the world has become that much smaller and our reliance on media and technology has grown that much larger. A degree in communications can expertly prepare you for the wide world of media, press relations, journalism and business, as well as give you an expert knowledge of how to consume and critique media in an age where we’re bombarded pretty much 24/7 with video, audio and print. John Cabot University, an American English language university in Rome, Italy, offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communications that’s unique, in that most of its student body is made up of international students studying abroad there. This gives students a unique opportunity to experience other cultures and learn about a variety of communications and media practices. Check out their blog post for more information about their communications program.

“In the Bachelor of Arts in Communications program, you’ll have the ability to take a wide variety of courses, each with their own application within the larger realm of communications. Each course is another puzzle piece in the grand idea of understanding modern media culture. Some of the courses you’ll be taking in the program include:

–          Public Speaking

–          Introduction to Cinema

–          Media, Culture and Society

–          Digital Media Culture

Courses are based heavily on discussions, and what makes John Cabot University’s communications program so exciting is that these discussions draw from a whole wealth of different international perspective, thanks to the wealth of international students who study abroad in Rome.”