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Why Study Business Administration at Herzing?

10 FEB 2014

Montreal is a culturally vibrant city with a wealth of opportunities for those who are interested in getting into the business field. Home to some of the biggest and most successful international corporations, as well as some of the most influential non-governmental organizations in the country, it’s an excellent place for those looking to get their foot in the door of business, marketing or advertising. From the indie start-ups of Montreal’s Plateau area to the most fiscally-minded business juggernauts of its downtown core, the wealth of job opportunities that are open to you with an excellent business administration education is seemingly endless. The right education will prepare you for a great business career in Montreal and this great blog post by Herzing College discusses what makes their Business Administration program at their Montreal campus so celebrated and why it might be a great fit for you.

“Taking business management courses at Herzing means you’ll be immersed in the amazingly rich cultural melting pot that is the city of Montreal. Not only is Montreal filled to the brim with incredible social and cultural events and great networking opportunities, but it’s also a business hub – Montreal is home to a plethora of successful national and international companies, as well as a growing number of independent businesses and start-ups. Herzing is also one of Montreal’s most celebrated website design schools, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best coders, graphic designers and web junkies in the country.”