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Study Art & Museum Management at John Cabot University

17 MAR 2014

Is there anything that we marvel at and appreciate in this world more than the beauty and tranquility of an artistic masterpiece? Well if there is, it must be pretty grand, because art is an amazing form of expression that binds us all together, and has become not just a mainstay of creativity, but a cultural export as well. No place on earth knows this better than Italy, the home of some of history’s most celebrated and lauded artists – the likes of DaVinci and Michelangelo just to give you a tip-of-the-iceberg kind of idea. Thus, it makes sense that John Cabot University, an English-speaking university in the heart of Rome, Italy, would launch an extremely intriguing graduate certificate course in Art and Museum Management. Held in the summer session of the university’s year, the course focuses on curation, the concept of art in the 21st century, practical gallery management and much more. Check out this blog post for more information!

The Art and Museum Management Graduate Certificate Course

A course that was designed in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore Business School, the Art and Museum Management graduate certificate course is one of two courses centered on the concept of Italian excellence that will be offered in the 2014 summer session. The course, focused on the finest points of gallery and museum management and curation, will take place during the summer session of John Cabot University – from June 30th through July 18th.

 Classes will be held Monday through Friday at John Cabot University’s campus in Rome and include lunch at the Tiber Café, in order to facilitate networking and the sharing of ideas and creative thoughts.”