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Student Success at Digital School

4 MAR 2014

While it’s true that things like state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional instructors usually mark the quality of an educational institution, there is one thing above all else that sets a school apart from its competitors, and that’s the success of its graduates. How well your students do after they leave your school is an exceptionally accurate reflection of the quality of education that they get, and a great yardstick by which to measure the quality of a school. This great blog post by Digital School discusses some of the successes that their alumni have enjoyed thanks to their education and time at the design college. It’s an exceptionally interesting look at how the college prepares graduates to be work ready the instant they leave the school, and it provides great insight into what kinds of careers successful graduates can find themselves in.

One of the things that helps Digital School stand out from the crowd is our extreme dedication to finding our graduates great and fulfilling employment. Through our “Hire a Graduate” program, we have formed and maintained great relationships with a multitude of excellent organisations and companies that jump at the chance to hire our recent grads. By fostering these great relationships, we not only demonstrate that our graduates are easy to depend on and incredibly skilled, but we make it possible for them to find excellent work with reputable companies that we have close relationships with, ensuring that both parties are rewarded.”