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Stress Management and Workplace Coping Techniques

30 DEC 2013

While the thought of test taking may have you running screaming for the door, it’s not all bad. In fact, research suggests that test taking may be an effective way of reducing stress in the workplace and promoting a more efficient and productive work environment. This great blog post by Test Shop points out some of the amazing things that test taking in the workplace can promote.


“There is an increase in using online testing as a way to screen new employees, manage current employees and design workplace management techniques to help streamline the efficiency of the company. Ironically many people associated tests and test taking with stress, but it’s amazing how much stress can believed by peace of mind that you have a handle on the task at hand. Stress about work can be curbed by employing engaging, and motivational tests that will not only boost confidence, but improve in teaching and guiding the employee. Knowing that you have a handle on what you’re doing is essential to a supportive and productive workplace.”


Knowing your employees is essential to running a great office. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of yourself, and your team, it’s much easier to manage an efficient, productive work environment, then to just try a “one size fits all” approach. When employees are tested on work related knowledge, they realize just how much they do know, and it not only reinforces that they know it, but it boosts confidence as well, leading to a stronger, more productive worker.