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Strength in Numbers: The Benefits of a United Sales Team

12 SEP 2012
Career Path : Sales

All companies want to have an effective sales team. Whether your company has a strong sales force or one that needs improvement, every company’s team can benefit from additional sales training. This is because improving sales strategy is always beneficial to a company’s bottom line.


Of course, this starts with an efficient team leader. In addition to setting an example, a sales leader should also be aware of his/her own leadership style and mold it to benefit his/her team members. When sales managers are able to master their own personal skills and strengths, it provides them with the ability to carry a sales teams to another level. Considering goals, skills and personality, team leaders should be able to encourage team members individually, and as a team by uniting them on a common ground, or with a similar goal.


Constructive criticism


A way to do this is to consistently offer both negative and positive feedback. Team leaders should do this everyday in order to improve employee engagement and ensure that all members of his/her team are united in their general goals, while encouraging them to venture forth their opinions. Performance coaching, especially in the form of a one-on-one, is another great way to encourage employees to communicate with their work superiors and colleagues. Individual confidence and self-awareness can only make a team stronger, and this makes a company’s future brighter.


Consider also that while it is normal to congratulate someone on a successful sales deal, it is equally important to encourage any actions that lead up to a potential sale, including prospecting. All facets of the work process must be recognized and evaluated on a regular basis in order to maximize the potential of a team. By improving employee-coaching skills, team leaders create a bond with their sales team, one that has the potential to increase approachability, and as a result, increase the overall communication level of a sales team.


Master the art


Taking sales management courses can help team managers perfect their leadership skills. By following a sales effectiveness model, team leaders can also improve on their current sales strategy. Through research, design, delivery and reinforcement, managers can increase the efficiency of their entire sales team; learning not only sales strategy, but practical sales management, sales effectiveness and sales and service essentials can do this. A thorough knowledge of these subjects may provide the extra push that a sales team requires. Sales courses can also be beneficial for employees; learning new methods and strategies can only benefit employees, and potentially increase their value.


Sales organizations compete against each other on a daily basis. This is normal, and provides a competitive environment to motivate companies to work harder to create a better product, and employ a stronger staff. While friendly competition is natural in the workplace, teams should always be working together in order to obtain the best possible outcome.


Proper sales training for both managers and employees can unite a team, aligning them with the same goals, resulting in a stronger workforce. And this is great news for business owners.



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