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Staying Organized for Exam Studying

8 APR 2014



In a way, studying for your final exams starts on the very first day of the semester. Good study techniques begin in the classroom, as you take down notes. Keep your notes organized by subject and make sure they’re easy to read and review. This may mean that you need to recopy some notes during your free time, while the class is still fresh in your mind. Diligent note-taking gives you the best chances of performing well during your final exam period, but there are other habits that you should be mindful of, such as staying healthy. The final exam period can be tiring, and eating junk food that is low on nutrients is likely to make matters worse. Avoiding stress completely can be difficult, but try to keep a positive attitude and remain calm. For more tips on, check out this great blog by College in Your Community.

“Draw a chart or image that pertains to your studies. Even if you study a topic like business management training, there are ways to condense the information into a graphic that’s easier for your brain to remember than pages and pages of words. Try a simple flow chart, for example. Don’t be afraid to use some color! You can also try talking about your studies with someone. You’d be surprised how much easier it is for information to stick in your head when you verbalize it out loud. Try meeting up with a friend from your program and talking out your responses to questions.”