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Staying Healthy at John Cabot University

18 MAR 2014

When you’re in a new place for the first time, especially if you don’t have much experience with being away from home, things can be tough. Studying abroad can be an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience, but it’s not without its drawbacks. It’s easy to fall into a slump of just staying in your room, eating poorly, not socializing and not really doing much of anything out of homesickness. However, if you look around you, you might start to realize that there are tons of options for staying fit, happy and healthy just waiting for you to grab on to! This is especially true at John Cabot University, an English speaking university in Rome, where they offer a huge range of awesome activities – from sailing to hiking to healthy cooking classes. These activities will not only get you out of your room, but you’ll have fun doing it! Check out their blog post for more information about staying healthy at John Cabot University.

“As well as fantastic health services and athletic options, John Cabot University also offers excellent trips like neighborhood tours, picturesque mountain hikes and sailing adventures that will get you out of the rut of staying slumped over your computer in your residence room. Get out and experience the beautiful Italian countryside, and get some exercise doing it!

John Cabot University also offers a multitude of cooking classes throughout the semester. Tired of relying on pizza and fried snacks to get you through the days? Our cooking classes, taught by a trained and revered Italian chef, will help you make smart and healthy meals that will be a thousand times more delicious than the fast food stuff you’re resorting to.”