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Stayful: Better Bidding for Hotel Bargain Hunters

16 DEC 2013

This week, the CTC blog considers how online bidding is changing how tourists compare hotel prices and book their stays.  The blog post, Better Bidding for Hotel Bargain Hunters discusses how the internet makes information on hotels abundant and easy to access; however, finding and booking a great deal can be unexpectedly challenging.  The post explains that

It’s the age of instant e-gratification, and consumers expect fast, effective and reliable service from their online vendors. Whatever we may be shopping for, we know that we want it quickly and we want the best possible deal available. The travel and tourism industry is no exception, and when booking a stay in a hotel, tourists will often lose hours searching for the cheapest rates across dozens of websites.

Online consumers often get lost in page after page of information and supposed deals, never quite finding precisely what they’re looking for, and wasting a lot of time in the process.  This contradicts the purpose of online shopping, which is to increase access and ease. Quantity does not always guarantee quality. Rather than wasting time comparing other sites, the blog recommends using Stayful, a new service that makes bidding and booking easier and more reliable than ever.