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Standing Out in Sales Management

19 JUN 2013
Career Path : Business


Sales has always been an extremely competitive industry. The recent economic troubles have brought this competition to a new level. You need to take action and do things that will make you stand out in order to move up the sales management ladder, including properly applying sales training and also being realistic with our staff and resources.

The most important thing that will make you stand out as a great sales manager is making your numbers. A good manager knows how important it is to inspire and motivate his workers. If a worker is unable to meet the quota, the manager wastes no time helping correct the problem. This is the first thing they teach in sales training. Sales are the number one priority by far. A good sales manager will do everything that he can to drive up the numbers as high as they will go.

What separates a great manager from these “good” managers who are driven only by the sales numbers is that he keeps the same focus on sales but doesn’t sacrifice everything else. Why would a great salesman work in a place where he is being bullied and threatened with dismissal at the drop of a hat? Great sales managers know that a good work environment is key to attracting and keeping confident salespeople who have had experience dealing with every imaginable customer excuse. Good salespeople are worth retaining and nurturing their skills. Any company in the world would love to hire them. They’re more valuable than their weight in gold.

Standout sales managers do not just tell their workers to make more calls when things aren’t working. They ask their workers to answer the important questions that will lead them to greater success. What’s the main business imperative that will drive your customer to buy? Who is making the decision on this purchase and how are they going to reach it? Who controls the budget in this customer’s household? Who is the main competition for this business? What do they do to close the sale? Questions like these need to be answered in order to be successful at selling products, and are part of good sales training.

It is always smart to keep up with current sales training lessons, but the prevailing wisdom of the people who stand out in this sort of roles as well as those who achieve in sales management courses is that they live in reality. They know that it is not realistic to expect everyone to deliver great sales numbers all the time. Bad days happen. They set realistic sales goals. Achieving your goals gives you the confidence you need to get better. They regularly assess what is working and what is not working. This allows them to gently correct the course towards friendlier waters.

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