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Spring Studying

20 JAN 2014

There’s nothing tougher than going from a nice winter break filled with delicious food and indulgent times to being thrown right back into a cycle of studying, homework, tests and anxiety. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things in the spring semester after a couple of weeks of lethargy and too much turkey. Luckily, this great blog post by Digital School talks about some of the best tips, tricks and brain hacks to get you back into study mode.

“Finding a new place to study is key, because your old haunts will remind you of cramming for exams and struggling with assignments, you don’t want your fresh start of the semester to be ruined by the ghosts of the last one. Finding a new place to study and do work will help improve your productivity, because you won’t have negative associations with it, and your mind will be much clearer. To that end, it’s also wise to vary where you study anyway, because studying the same information in multiple places is going to help you internalize and memorize that information much more than sitting in the same place, day after day.”

Studying never seems like fun, and neither do homework or projects, but with some easy steps and some tricky tips, you can start doing the work of two people, and feel great about your productivity. While spring can be the point where most people start to slide off, just keeping your brain active and lubricated and not falling into the trap of procrastination is key to surviving the semester.