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Spoiled or Sincere – Getting to Know the Real Oakville

3 JUL 2012
Career Path : Food and Catering

Located in Halton Region of the Greater Toronto Area, Oakville has an increasingly growing population of approximately 182,500 people. Divided into about thirteen distinct neighbourhoods, approximately 82 percent of Oakville’s population is white, almost 30 percent higher than in the city of Toronto.

Often referred to as an affluent suburb of the city of Toronto, Oakville’s predominantly white population and relatively high rate of income per household (approximately $80,000+ per year), the residents of Oakville do encounter stereotypical judgments based solely on their postal code. However, regardless of the income of its residents, or the types of cars parked in the street side driveways, a city or town should never be completely defined by such superficial features.

Instead, it would be wiser to take a look at the internal functions of Oakville before making a stern judgment. Prioritizing culture, nature, local commerce and community engagement is what upholds the integrity of any town or city. After spending just a day perusing the streets of Oakville, one would instantly recognize the town’s ongoing efforts in prioritizing all of these things.

The nature preservation projects run by Oakville councils and residents are by themselves commendable as far as ecological initiative go. With five heritage trails spanning a total of 57km and cycling paths that extend for 105km, Oakville not only embraces its natural surroundings, but it encourages its residents and visitor to also.

On an entertainment level, Oakville offers the typical cultural outlets, such as museums, theatres and galleries. The town goes even further by supporting local artists through various events and festivals, including “Midnight Madness”, a street festival held annually in the month of July that aims to showcase local talent and business owners.

On a sustainability level, Oakville takes many measures to ensure that local commerce is a regular and frequent activity. Many catering services in Oakville, for example, ensure that their menus are jam packed with fresh food from local suppliers. Oakville farmers and tradespeople are not completely invulnerable to the stings of mass corporations, but still, they do receive a great deal of support from the government and the general community.

The most beautiful feature of Oakville is perhaps its extension along Lake Ontario, giving visitors and residents a beautiful waterfront view across two harbours. With such a beautiful water span at their disposal, people find themselves hopping in a canoe or sailboat, or throwing their Oakville wedding right on by the water.

Admittedly, Oakville is, by all counts, a beautiful area to live in and visit. But to claim its residents are spoiled would be a severe over-exaggeration. Being spoiled implies not earning the pleasures you enjoy. By the looks of it, the people of Oakville are hard at work to uphold the sense of nature, community and culture of their town.



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