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Spend a Summer Abroad Studying in Sunny Rome

25 FEB 2014

Are you looking for a way to spend your summer in style, while still doing something incredibly fulfilling with your time? Well, if you’re a fan of relaxing in cafes and sipping aperitifs, relaxing on beautiful piazzas and being minutes away from gorgeous, crystal clear beaches, then maybe you should considering spending a summer studying abroad in Rome. Whether it’s taking courses on Roman architecture or getting an idea of how international business works, John Cabot University offers great summer sessions for their study abroad program. So not only will you spend a summer in one of the most beautiful, cosmopolitan cities in the world, but you’ll get ahead in your studies and keep your mind sharp. If for some reason you need even more convincing, check out their great blog post which talks about their celebrated summer courses, scholarship opportunities, visiting professors and more!

“The summer sessions at John Cabot University also have the perk of hosting a wealth of incredible and celebrated professors from all over the world throughout the summer. This year’s professors include Dr. Tracy Mitrano, the director of IT Policy and Institute for Computer Policy and Law at Cornell University, Professor Marco Rimanelli, the author of numerous articles as well as seven books and named 2013-2014 Fulbright U.S. Scholar and Professor Donald, who is currently the National Press Photographers Publications Editor, editing News Photographer magazine.

So if the summer sunbathing doesn’t hit it home for you, the opportunity to learn from some of the most celebrated professors and instructors teaching today should definitely help.”