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Specializations in Auto Mechanic Courses

15 MAR 2013
Career Path : Automotive

There are many specializations you can choose if you wish to take auto mechanic courses. Vehicles are complicated, and these days it is not practical for one person to try to be good at everything. As well as standard auto technician training, you can also study brakes and fluids, windshield replacement, auto body work or painting and detailing a car. Generally each subset of study compliments general training and improves your overall employability.


For a modern mechanic, there are also lots of new things to learn, so it is not unusual for them to even supplement their existing training and certification by going back to school. Many garages encourage this and may even offer paid training. After all the more talents their staff has, the more money they can charge, for example offering that they have a fully certified auto body estimator with crash repair experience. Sometimes, especially in a franchise dealership, car manufacturers will have specialized courses to teach mechanics about the unique challenges they may encounter with their car.


Basic Auto Technician

Standard auto mechanic courses will cover general engine theory, and the functioning of vehicles. You will also be introduced to all the tools you will need, from giving you basic welding certification, to where and when to apply a low tech wrench. At the moment, diagnostic computers are becoming fairly standard in garages, so this is also likely to be part of your auto technician training. On its own, that’s several years, including both your school time and apprenticeship time.


Auto Glass Specialist

Windshields needing repair and replacement are one of the common things that comes up for car owners. Whether nicked by a flying piece of road gravel, or shattered in an accident, this is usually the work of a few short term courses.


Brakes and Fluids

Brakes are another thing that regularly needs replacement, or rather the brake pads do. This is often paired with servicing the car’s other fluid systems, for example the cooling system, because stopping the brakes from catching on fire is part of a basic car’s functioning.


Auto Body

A career as an auto body estimator prepares you to look at smashed and dented carbon fiber and decide what needs fixing and replacing. Alternatively you can specialize in something more cosmetic. Whether touching up a car’s regular paint, giving it a custom colour or a whole air brushed mural, even the aesthetic side of cars is a viable way to make a living.


Diesel Engine

Again, a short term course. Not all vehicles use standard unleaded gasoline. As well as being found in trucks, some sorts of cars, especially European imports, prefer to use this fuel instead. It’s possible in future, if the electric car becomes more popular you can take specialty courses in that sort of engine too.



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