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Career Path: Sound Design

A Beginner’s Guide to Audio Engineering Lingo

15 OCT 2012 | CAREER PATH: Audio Engineering
Words have meaning. Words are also first formed with sounds, before writing and other visual representations of words. The exact relationship between sounds and the words we use to define and describe them is sometimes very straight-forward, other times a bit more obscure. Nobody would hesitate to u... Read More >>

Film School in Canada versus DIY Productions

9 OCT 2012 | CAREER PATH: DJ Training
Technology is such today that it is possible to shoot a feature-length film on one’s cellphone, as one Montreal-based independent filmmaker, Christos Sourligas, recently did. But if filmmaking is becoming more accessible, do aspiring filmmakers still have to bother with film school in Canada? (Thi... Read More >>

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Film Production Careers

5 OCT 2012 | CAREER PATH: Audio Engineering
When watching a film, it is easy to forget that wh... Read More >>

Entertainment Industry Fueled by Sound

3 OCT 2012 | CAREER PATH: Sound Design
Those beautiful, haunting melodies that play mid-f...

Getting Your Film Production Funded in Canada

24 SEP 2012 | CAREER PATH: Audio Engineering
Step one: apply to the film production school of y... Read More >>

Two Different Roads to Choose From After Audio School – Artistic and Commercial

18 SEP 2012 | CAREER PATH: Audio Engineering
On the one hand, you have one of Canada’s best k... Read More >>