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Social Media Marketing Tips for New Grads of Auto Sales College

14 AUG 2012
Career Path : Automotive

You’ve landed your first job out of auto sales college and are looking for ways to impress your boss quickly. Here are some ideas for using Facebook and other social media tools to make your mark as fast as possible.


1) Maintain your wall


Post interesting content on your dealership’s Facebook page. Give your organization’s followers the first look at photos of new models. Convince a graduate of one of the local mechanic colleges to post a weekly column on car maintenance, with tips on fuel efficiency or roadside assistance programs. Try to give your customers a sense of how the dealership runs from behind the scenes. Remember, not everyone went to auto sales college!


2) Participate in the discussion


In auto sales college, you may have learned how to generate discussion on your dealership’s Facebook page. But that is only half the battle. You must also monitor the discussion and respond to feedback from customers. Approach complaints as you would like to in real life, e.g., with an open mind or a spirit of curiosity.


3) Keep it lively


You don’t need an auto sales college diploma to realize that people go to Facebook for fun. This means that they don’t want to read boring, spammy advertisements. They want to read something informative, fun or thought provoking. Your wall is about building a relationship, not about promoting a specific sale.


4) Keep it personal


Some graduates of sales programs pursuing careers in auto sales make a practice of photographing every happy customer who drives off the lot in a new ride. This is an endearing strategy that will serve a dual purpose. Not only will it create a warm feeling in your followers, it will also double as a memento for you of all your successes as you build your career after auto sales college. Consider decorating the wall behind your desk with the photos of every customer you ever had. Seeing your past clients may warm up your new prospects.


5) Keep changing


Don’t give up on your social media training once you’ve completed your program at auto sales college. Even the most successful of careers in auto sales can benefit from the occasional refresher training course.


6) Revisit your email strategy


As you may have learned in auto sales college, there are techniques that you can use to improve your email communications with customers, including the following:


-          beginning emails with the customer’s name, using the title or name (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.) of their choice (as most sales programs in mechanic colleges will teach, it is up to the salesperson to figure out how their clients prefer to be addressed, whether by first name or last)

-          using indents – this technique can help graduates of auto sales college make their emails sound less business-y, encouraging the likelihood that they will be read

-          use a P.S. – most people will read the post script of an email first, so it is good practice for those with careers in auto sales to put their most important sales message in the P.S. portion of the email.




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