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Social and ‘Green’ Accounting

21 JAN 2014
Career Path : Accounting

Social and ‘green accounting’ is an approach businesses use to report their activities in a way that combines fiscal reporting with corporate responsibility, drawing attention to the social and environmental benefits of the company’s actions. As more companies develop equitable approaches to accounting, the opportunities for certified accountants looking to make a difference are greater than ever.

What does it mean when people say social or ‘green’ accounting?

In today’s global society, people are increasingly focused on social justice and corporate responsibility. They are tired of seeing the same sins from industry leaders, and are willing to vote with their dollar for a more equitable corporation. And corporations are starting to listen.

In every sector, companies are examining how they can be a more positive influence on the community, both visibly and fiscally. Social and green accounting is an emerging trend where companies examine the environmental and social effects of their economic choices, and then communicate those effects to the stakeholder communities they care about.

What kinds of companies practice social and ‘green’ accounting?

Some businesses are founded with an ethical approach in mind; these companies are some of today’s shining examples of social and ‘green accounting’. For some companies, it’s part of their mission statement. Non-profits and green energy companies need to know if their fiscal actions translate to positive actions in other arenas.

For other companies, social and green accounting is more about compensating for negative impacts of their products. One reason for a broader social and environmental justice view in previously maligned companies has to do with business training: graduates today have a better understanding of how economics impacts the world around them than in past generations.

How can I get involved in social and ‘green’ accounting?

You can be part of transforming how business relates to the community and the world around you through accounting training. The first step to getting involved with socially and environmentally-minded business training is seeking your CPA (Certified Public Accounting) license. With this in hand, you are qualified to understand the financial aspects of social accounting, enabling you to communicate in economic terms with your company and their stakeholders about the environmental and social benefits of their actions.

After that, you have many options. You might choose to work with an organization with a natural focus on making positive change, such as clean energy companies or credit unions. You could also choose to join a company looking to make their practices more equitable.

Some companies have whole branches devoted to corporate responsibility; work within large corporations helps to bring change from the inside. In fact, you could potentially find a career at any company that’s looking to make a more positive impact in their community.

Accountants aren’t often thought of as champions of social and environmental justice, but in this corporate world, they’re in an ideal position to make the world a better place. If you’re looking to be a part of this burgeoning field, consider going through CPA training to work in social and environmental accounting. Give yourself the opportunity to make this world a better place.

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