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How to Smoothly Run a Concert

7 MAR 2014
Career Path : Audio Engineering

Every concert consists of three main parts that must be managed well to ensure that everyone at the venue has a good experience. When the concert producer is handling all three of these components properly, the concert will go off without a hitch. However, leaving one of these components by the wayside or simply not handling them properly could result in a concert that is less than satisfying.

1. The Venue Must Be Properly Arranged

When concerts are held indoors, the seating for every attendee must be properly-arranged to allow for the comfort of everyone in attendance. This means that chairs must be neatly organized and counted to ensure everyone with a ticket will be able to sit. If the event is inside a theater or arena, the seats that are to be used for the concert must be roped off to ensure ticketed entrants only sit in designated sections.

When the concert is outside, accommodations must be made for the weather. A covered stage area for the performers is a must if the concert is to happen at all. Also, the concert-goers must have places to sit where they can be under cover if there is to be inclement weather.

In some cases, the concert producer must postpone or cancel the concert if the weather is too dangerous for everyone in attendance.

2. The Performers Must Be Taken Care Of

The performers for a concert must be given the respect and attention that they need and deserve in order for them to perform well. Green rooms must be set up perfectly, any items in a performer’s rider must be attended to and the performers must be met with nothing but gracious and courteous hosts. This may require the concert producer to keep certain people away from the performers, but this is for the good of the concert as a whole.

3. The Clean Up

When the concert has been a rousing success, it is important for the concert producer to understand that the clean up must happen as fast as possible. All of the event planning courses in the world do not prepare the producer for being up all night cleaning up after an event.

Once the producer has seen the performers off and all of the attendees are gone, the venue must be cleaned to perfection. Every good concert promoter makes the venues they use happy by cleaning up properly after every concert. When the concert producer checks to ensure that everything is clean as it was before the concert, the venue can be rented again for more concerts.

When students want to learn how to put on the best concerts possible, studying the fine art of promoting and producing concerts should be at the top of their to-do lists. An exciting and enjoyable career awaits the prepared concert producer.

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