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Self-Driving Automobiles

30 DEC 2013

It’s no secret that people have been drooling over the idea of a self-driving automobile since the inception of the motorized vehicle. What might surprise you, however, is that the idea of a self-driving car may not be too crazy after all. This great blog post by Automotive Training Centre in Toronto examines just how feasible and realistic the idea of a car that drives itself is.

“While it may seem like a silly luxury, the possibility of self-driving cars means safer and more efficient driving and much less stressful road conditions. It’s not just driving, either, but knowing when to brake and detecting obstacles and objects that may not be visible to the human eye. We’re not prepared for everything that comes at us, and although it’s not possible to put all of your trust in a machine, to know that if you miss a beat or are distracted, the car could correct itself, well that’s pretty good peace of mind.”

Ford is at the head of the pack with their fully automated parking assistance technology, but the other automobile manufacturers are not far behind. Toyota is toying with their own version, and both companies are heavily immersed in work on driver assistance technology that detects obstacles and swerves or brakes to avoid them. The idea of sitting in the back seat, sipping a coffee and reading the paper while your car gets you from A to B might not be just science fiction after all.