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Selecting the Best Post-Secondary Institution for Your Career

2 OCT 2013
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Selecting the Best Post-Secondary Institution for Your CareerWith the ending of high school comes the anxiety of selecting which post-secondary institution you would like to attend. However, before you can even do that, you have to decide which career path is the best for you. It isn’t the easiest decision, particularly when there are many external factors that play into your judgement, such as parental and peer pressure. Since selecting the post-secondary institution you will be attending comes with an abundance of costs involved, you probably don’t want to select a school that won’t be beneficial to your career.

College/Trade School or University?

College and Trade Schools are geared more towards students who would like to study a more technical profession.  A large majority of the program options at colleges are oriented towards fields such as beauty training, emergency medical technician and automotive technician, amongst others. The curriculum at a trade school or college typically only pertains to the field that you are entering, though more and more colleges are offering “generalist” diplomas in the arts or sciences. One substantial factor in selecting a college or trade school is that it gives you the ability to learn practical skills that can easily be applied in a specific field.

University programs are more general and theoretical in nature with program choices such as sociology, philosophy, women’s studies without a very direct career path. However there are also just as many programs such as journalism or anthropology that are a stepping stone into a certain field. There are many options or roads to take with a university degree though the path isn’t as direct as is the case with college or trade schools.  That being said, many universities offer co-op programs and there are also internships that exist for class credits. If you are sure of which career route that you’d like to take, then that will make your decision infinitely easier. One option that may help in your decision making is to read educational articles.

However if you aren’t sure about your career path, you can also decide which post-secondary institution to attend by the way you learn best. If you prefer studying theoretical concepts and are more of a “thinker” than a “do-er” or “maker” then university may be the best choice for you.  Read the school news to become more informed. Take the time to research program options by starting off with looking at the programs that the schools in your region have to offer or through researching the best schools for the field that you would like to enter. A college directory is a great place to start your research. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice, contact the program advisors with any follow up questions in-person (with appointment) if you’re able to, or via email. Ultimately, there is no wrong decision as long as you make a decision to attend a post-secondary institution, whether it be for a trade or more theoretical in nature.