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A Few Secrets Behind Promoting Your Music

9 APR 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Whether it is your band or a friend’s band, tackling promoting music outside of the shelter of a large recording company is a monumental task. However if artistic control and licencing is important to you, or you’re in a niche field with little commercial interest it can be well worth the extra responsibility. The first thing you may want to consider is your background. Whether you’re a musician or an audio engineering school grad, you will want to know what you are promoting inside out. Get ready to be able to carry your work on raw quality alone.


Let us say that you are the charismatic member of a garage band. You went to audio school, but you are all not working commercially as musicians, or if you are this is not your main project. For a would-be modern music promoter, one of the first things in your toolkit you will need is well nourished connections.


Play Where You Can!

Artists deserve to be paid for the value of their work. But if you can, things like busking build up some initial performance experience, as does taking not so well paid gigs in bars. Depending on your music style there will be lots of conventions and festivals that are appropriate to you. There are also less “cool” gigs like being the live band in a corporate party or at a trade show. This builds up a reputation for reliability and shows off your ability to work a crowd, as well as introducing you to the other people in your music niche.


Record Something!

You will also want to record some of your music. Not only can you offer it to things like college radio stations, but the modern music party makes heavy use of free and paid downloads to make music more accessible. And at the very least you can sell CDs while busking. On the other hand, recording quality music is not cheap!


You should look for deals, for example getting recording studio space at your local audio school during the holiday term. You might also save money on sound editing by going to audio engineering schools to find an up and coming student to work for you. Alternatively a quality recording should be part of your promotional efforts budget. This is not something you can skimp on.


Make A Video!

Another option is a budget music video. Don’t have much money to compete with major studios? Back to school, this time to shop around film production programs for someone new with a good artistic concept. In this case, as music licencing for film can be a dauntingly expensive prospect, the film student may be happy just to have the rights to work with your song.

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