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Another Season of the 3 Valley Gap Antique Automobile Museum

15 APR 2014
Career Path : Automotive

When it comes to eliciting smiles and nods of approval from those firmly entrenched in the automotive community, there’s little that does more to get the happiness flowing like seeing beautiful antique cars. Whether it’s the classic and stately Ford Model T or an ancient Chrysler, we have a deep appreciation and a reverence for antique automobiles. Sure, everyone can appreciate a nice classic muscle car, but it’s the true classics – the ones that built the automobile industry – that command not only our full attention but our deep respect. No one knew this better than Gordon Bell, who founded the Three Valley Gap Antique Automobile Museum in British Columbia. To hear more about Bell and his wealth of inspiring antique autos, head over to Automotive Training Centre and check out their latest blog post about these gorgeous old cars.

Bell began his quest for antique autos while still in high school, when he owned three 1927 Chryslers. Now, the museum houses fourteen beautiful antique cars, over half of which are Fords – which makes sense, considering back in the 1920s, Ford was churning out most cars on the market.

One of the highlights of Bell’s collection, however, is the supremely rare 1912 Ford Model T in white. Model Ts were famous for coming in predominantly one color – black. While there was a brief amount of time where red, blue, green and white were produced, they’re exceptionally hard to find even in terrible condition these days, so Bell’s possession of an all too rare white Model T is another reason this collection is so enthralling.”