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Scoring Your Wedding With Music

15 MAR 2013
Career Path : Audio Engineering

Wedding music can be as simple as a family member with an mp3 player, or as complicated as multiple live bands. Generally speaking, a standard wedding based on the European model is a period of public vows and processional walking, followed by a group meal and partying. Though the social ritual is book ended by other traditions, such as bachelor parties, bridal showers, engagement parties, or even a rehearsal dinner, the actual wedding is completed over the course of less than 24 hours. Other cultures have weddings that last for days, but even a short, European style wedding keeps plenty of people with event management school degrees well employed.


This is because of all the detail involved. Honestly, much of this is superfluous. As mentioned, someone relatively competent, with a good sound system, is all that’s necessary, if you want music at all. DJ training, string quartets and so forth are something the couple getting married should indulge in if they like it. However if you’re one of the many people who do, make sure you do it right to get the best value for your money. Weddings are enormously expensive, and artistic talent is not cheap.


Firstly, select your venue before you decide on what will be filling the ears of the audience. Generally, the larger the scale of the wedding, the bigger the scale of the investment in the entertainment, including music. However, do not put an ear blasting club DJ in a backyard wedding in a quiet residential neighbourhood, unless you have enough wedding cake for the police and all your irate neighbours. Similarly, at the very least, check in with a sound engineering school and hire one of their grads, if you know nothing about acoustics and the venue you’re using isn’t normally  used for weddings. However most large rental halls and churches are well used to people playing music there and can help you with things like speaker placement.


Speaking of which, when you hire a DJ, in addition to their DJ training, one of the things you are renting is their gear and acoustic know-how. If you’re skimping and going with the mp3 player playlist method, do not make the mistake of thinking that tiny speakers can handle a concert level of audio output.


Here’s an event management school secret for live music, by the way. Many music students are a less expensive way to add more traditional entertainment. They usually make a good trade in traditional classical music people enjoy at weddings, though make sure you discuss their repertoire with them. And of course the more flexible they can be, the more you’re going to pay. Nothing, after all, is free.



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