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Scholarship Resources for Canada

25 SEP 2013

If you are in your last year of high school or currently studying at a post-secondary institution, money is certainly a main concern.  With the rising cost of tuition, it’s only natural to seek other sources of funding to offset the cost of living and tuition.

There are well over 60,000 individual awards, awarded by over 300 organizations across Canada and even more available for students with enough resourcefulness to apply for them. Many students start by seeking scholarships, as they don’t need to be re-paid. While scholarships are generally awarded based on merit, grants and bursaries are dependent on financial need.  And although scholarships will sometimes have strict requirements, as many as one in 10 scholarships goes unawarded at certain post-secondary institutions.


Where to start?

When you first start your research for scholarships, start off with organizations that are easily accessible. Try searching the school directory and also speaking with your guidance counsellor. He or she may have connections to scholarships that aren’t even listed online. Even your parents’ place of employment may have scholarships available. Contact anyone and everyone who you feel may be helpful. Cast your net far and wide by turning to social media and putting out a general request to all of your Facebook friends or even a search on Twitter. Now is not the time to be shy. Educational articles  or Canadian Education news are also helpful places to find ideas for places to apply.

However if you still are not coming up with scholarships from within your community that you meet the requirements for to apply, we’ve also prepared a list of online scholarship resources for Canadian students that you may find helpful. And although there are additionally numerous private websites with greater listings of scholarships and a few other equally useful government websites, these websites are a great place to start to look for sources of funding, as well as useful tips to help plan for your educational future.

Online Resources


This government-run website provides a general wealth of resources for funding post secondary education. Not only scholarships, CanLearn also explains useful information about how to apply for student loans or RESPs, grants and scholarships available and how to apply for them, as well as anything having to do with finances and education, such as loan repayment assistance and educational planning.

This is another government-run website that is geared towards international students. It provides information about scholarships, grants and bursaries as well as listings for various academic and student exchange programs with resources devoted to pursuing additional education, as well as outlining provincial assistance offices and web links to privately run Canadian scholarship web sites.

A government-run website that focuses uniquely on the international scholarships available for Canadian and non-Canadian students. It is a great resource that provides a list of available scholarships by country. If you have aspirations of studying abroad then this is a great website to start your research.


Although not government-run, this website has a list of all available scholarships in the country. It also takes a lot of the work out of finding a scholarship by creating a database by matching you with the scholarships that you are eligible for.

This scholarship is one of the most prestigious international graduate scholarships available for students.  It is made available for students from Canada, as well as Australia, Hong Kong, Southern Africa, the United States, and New Zealand as well as others to comprise of 14 eligible countries in total.  The scholarship covers all university and college fees at Oxford University, and also includes a stipend and airfare.