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Sales Training for the Very Shy

14 NOV 2012
Career Path : Business

Many of our most popular artists suffer from a weakness that one would never suspect: stage fright. Not all of our most beloved leaders are as comfortable as they appear with public speaking. And there is no sales management rule whereby all salespeople must be extroverts. The more reserved amongst us can still make it in sales, but we must understand ourselves very well – our strengths and our limitations – and tailor our sales strategy accordingly.


1. Know your stuff

Introverts sometimes feel flustered under pressure. In situations where an introverted or shy salesperson needs to “perform,” they can increase their chances of doing a good job by preparing as much as they possibly can in advance. In sales training, you probably learned how to gather information on your prospects, how to identify the benefits of a product or service from your prospect’s perspective… As an introverted or shy salesperson in a high pressure sales situation, you may not be able to come up with the answers or argument that you need on the fly. A savvy sales management team would advise you to do your homework, to take your client and product information home with you the evening, or even the week, before a meeting with a prospect. The more you know the stuff, the more likely you are to land a sale.


Bonus: Because introverts know that they need to prepare, they may have a sales strategy advantage over their more outgoing colleagues, who may be more tempted to wing it for an important pitch or presentation. Needing to carefully lay out one’s strategy in advance may be an advantage. Sales management teams take note: the more reserved members of your team may bring something different, but just as essential, to the table.


2. Give yourself time to collect yourself between meetings

Introverts often need more breathing space in between meetings with clients and colleagues. (Hint to sales management teams: Wondering who in your team or sales training session is an introvert? Look for the people who make sure that they get a little time to themselves over the lunch break.) It is relatively easy to adjust one’s sales strategy to this reality. Simply make a habit of not overscheduling. One important meeting per day, max. Intersperse phone calls with time reading and writing, etc.


Bonus: No matter how you look at it, it is good sales strategy period to arrive at your face-to-faces refreshed and alert. Because introverts know that their energy for others is limited, they need to monitor their energy levels more to be successful. Savvy management teams take note: the less energetic members of your team may focus their energies better so that you only get the best of what they have to offer.


In conclusion, there is no one personality required for applicants to sales training. But all aspiring salespeople need to understand their personalities to get the most out of their careers.



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