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Sales Training Lessons You Probably Learned in Kindergarten

20 NOV 2012
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Think back to kindergarten. Remember circle time? There are some lessons that you learned – about listening, taking turns, and speaking clearly – that can help you execute sales strategy now that you are an adult.



People who are new to sales training sometimes focus excessively on their ability to communicate a message effectively to a sales prospect. But, as your kindergarten teacher probably did their best to teach you, effective communication is a two-way process, with the most important skill perhaps being listening. An experienced sales management team knows how important listening is, and offers its salespeople as many opportunities as possible to further develop this essential skill.


Sales training sessions can revisit this skill, for example, by engaging in co-operative, consensus-building games, where one member of a two-person team is blindfolded and must depend on the spoken instructions of their partner to assemble a puzzle or accomplish some other task.


In fact, many of the team building exercises that we so often associate with the corporate world may have their roots in primary school. Sales management teams across the land make use of some of the same techniques that a kindergarten teacher uses at the beginning of the school year to build a sense of community in the class. Intra-personal relations between team members are, as any manager knows, an important part of a sales strategy.


Taking turns

Sales training teaches salespeople how to close a sale, and one way to close a sale is to show respect for your prospect. This means: when they are speaking, you are not. Don’t cut off your customers. Give them a chance to direct the conversation, and try to reflect back to them what they have said to you, to demonstrate that you have understood their needs, and have their best interests at heart.


At circle time in kindergarten, you may have used a talking stick. The child who had the stick in their possession had the floor. There is no room for a real-life talking stick in your sales strategy, but an imaginary one can play an important role. Salespeople need to know how to let others have their say, but also how to hold the floor when they are talking. Sales training can teach salespeople to visualize a talking stick as a kind of visual aid that will help them to keep silent when necessary, but also to speak in such a way that they are heard.



Speaking clearly

It is often in school where we first learn how to address a group. Some of the skills that your sales management team and support staff apply at conferences and meetings today, they will have first acquired in kindergarten. Choose one person to look at, hold your head up, and enunciate. These are just some of the lessons from kindergarten that can inform our sales strategy in our professional lives.


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