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Sales Strategy Training for New Managers

27 SEP 2013
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Even in difficult economic times, business expansion and growth in me a good thing for a company. However, if a part of this growth requires hiring new leaders and managers, this can actually impede the process of growth, particularly if these new employees have not been given the managerial skills necessary for the job.

It is often the case during a time of growth that the sales department will find it necessary to hire a new sales manager to deal with the expansion, or to replace a previous sales manager who was underperforming. Providing training and sales strategy training advice for this new sales manager will require an organized group effort. The best and most effective leadership qualities need to be identified, listed and talked to this new employee.

The process of training the new manager to the sales strategy employed by the business has to be clear both to the new manager and to those doing the training. Specifically, the new manager needs to believe that he or she is being provided with a clearly delineated role in the business and tasks to carry out. It is definitely important to the senior leadership in the company define precisely why the new sales managers job and responsibilities will be. The process of transition to a new leader in the sales department can be greatly eased by providing clearly outlined goals.

Generally speaking, the primary goal of any sales manager is to ensure that the entire staff constantly push for higher sales and close those sales in a consistent manner on a daily basis. Ultimately, sales managers should try to ensure that their department exceeds their established goals. It the department fails to do this, and effective sales manager will know how to look at the numbers and the staff to find where the problems are and fix them.

Without these clearly defined goals as laid out by senior leadership, the sales manager will have no way to judge how well he or she, as well as the department, is doing in a relative sense. Sales strategy training will allow for effective sales management that can find employees or procedures that are failing and make them more effective. For example, if a sales manager finds that he or she has four out of twenty members of the staff who consistently meet their quotas, and are able to make and close sales without assistance, then the qualities that these employees have need to be understood and encouraged in the remaining employees who are not meeting their quotas.

The process of sales management is absolutely working in the dark if the manager cannot evaluate those who are underperforming. By analyzing the work habits, both good and bad, of the staff, it becomes possible to find problem areas and to apply solutions to these problems.


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