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18 JUN 2013
Career Path : Administration

Residential property is where the overwhelming majority of people spend most of their time, which makes home inspection training a crucial job in every geographical region. Other than the obvious safety benefits of having a professional inspector, a home inspection also has financial benefits: your mortgage lender, for example, protects her interests by retaining one after every amendment made to the property.

An appraiser – as home inspectors are sometimes called – is further able to save money by recommending the specific repairs necessary to bring a house up to code or to simply secure it better. The alternative of wholesale repairs is considerably more expensive. In this day and age, most people appreciate and understand the need for appraisals before selling or buying a home (or any property, for that matter), making home inspection training a viable and in-demand profession.


Safety in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is practically synonymous with on-the-job training, but there are still some important, separately-offered courses that specifically focus on this. Safety plays a central part in:

  • pharmacy technicians that specialize in assisting licensed pharmacists with medication provision
  • high-level fields like ADN (Associate Degree Nursing), with which you are eligible for directorships and oversee LVNs and even RNs
  • medical assisting, which covers a wide range of duties within the healthcare field – both clinical and administrative
  • vocational nursing, where your healthcare training with a concentration in safety will come in handy when dealing with the terminally ill, convalescent and disabled
  • and of course, the cream-of-the-crop in nursing – the RN, where passing the rigorous NCLEX-RN for licensure brands you as the healthcare authority everyone looks to and you work directly with doctors


Career Outlooks for the Respective Fields

In the continuing progression of technology and the opportunities made available by advances, you have the option of starting your career with convenient online courses in healthcare training. A physical college is also a possibility, if you reside near one and attendance fits your schedule. Most reputable career outlook compilations – especially the authority on such matters from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, cites the healthcare industry as one of the best possible career options for multiple reasons. The dearth of qualified healthcare people to fill the growing number of jobs is one of them, which leaves a host of benefits to those who are entering now.

Similarly, home inspection training is as much-needed as ever, given the emphasis homeowners place on crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s after the recent housing collapse of a few years ago, and the slow but steady resurgence being enjoyed now. All homes are better off with inspection, and the bonus for new entrants into the field is that now, unlike in the past, everyone realizes their utility – sellers and buyers alike.

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