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Running on Air: Citroën C3 Hybrid Air

11 MAR 2014

Car companies are making such an effort to develop cleaner and more efficient cars these days that it almost seems as if it’s a competition. If it is, than French automotive giant Peugeot may just have gotten the leg up with its new Citroen C3 Hybrid Air concept car. This is a car so environmentally friendly and efficient that it honest to goodness runs on air. With a compressed CO2 powered engine, the Hybrid Air is an exceptionally clean ride. Though it’s only a concept right now, the fact that automakers keep pushing for such clean and efficient vehicles is a great sign of change within the industry – companies are actively working toward a healthier future and less dependence on fossil fuels. Check out this awesome blog post by Automotive Training Centre for more information on this groundbreaking hybrid.

“The idea of using compressed air to power vehicles isn’t really a new concept in the realm of automotive careers, it’s been in practice in some form or another since the early 19th century, but it hasn’t really exploded as a trend. The compressed air engines of today even work pretty much the same way that the old ones did, the only difference being more efficiency and modernisation. It works by having fresh air pumped into a chamber under a high pressure, which is then released into combustion chambers where the air forces pistons down, turning the wheels. It’s an exceptionally simple concept, but it works.”