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Rome For The Study Abroad Student

17 SEP 2013
Career Path : Continuing Education

If you are interested in studying the classics, why wouldn’t you want to consider doing that research in the city in which those classics were contemporary?  The opportunity to study abroad is a once in a lifetime chance to enhance your college experience and develop life long memories of your times overseas.  Studying in The Eternal City, Rome, Italy is an excellent opportunity to master the Italian language, explore millennia’s worth of art, architecture, and history.  Make the choice to enhance every aspect of your learning experience through attending university in Rome.

Immerse Yourself in the Language and Culture of Antiquity

There’s education and then there’s learning.  Students, who live in a foreign country, while studying for their degree, have the rare opportunity to accomplish both goals simultaneously.  If you’re searching for that perfect combination of formalized classroom instruction and life enhancing experiences that adds gravitas to your degree, then studying in Rome can give you the cultural and linguistic immersion that studying at a local school would never provide.

The truth is that there’s nothing more beneficial to learning a culture than to live within that culture.  Whether you’re an Italian language major or your career aspirations trend more towards the fine or culinary arts, living in a city known for speaking Italian, monumental works of art, and food designed to delight the palate will only enhance a classroom-based understanding of the material.

When not studying and attending class, you can be out exploring the Tuscan countryside one weekend or gazing at the humped-back silhouette of Mount Vesuvius the next.  Foreign study, at a university in Rome, is your portal to the culture and history of Italy.

It’s a Resume Builder Because it’s So Much More Than a Resume Builder

The decision you made to study abroad sends a clear signal to potential new employers.  In this increasingly globalized economy, employers are looking to recruit human resources who have demonstrated their ability to go out and engage on the world stage.  Students who have studied overseas gain new experiences and outlooks on the world that separates their resumes from the pack in the eyes of hirers and results in scheduled interviews for positions.

Not only do employers value the drive and determination that sent you overseas in the first place, but they know that successfully navigating that experience provided you with unique skills that will serve them well.  Successfully learning a new language while responding to all the new challenges, and experiences of living in a different culture, marks you as someone who is able to think outside of the box.  Studying abroad at a university in Rome will give you the confidence you never knew you possessed, and memories that you know you will never forget.

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