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Romantic Getaways for Love Birds

17 MAY 2013
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The romantic notion of running away to get married, go on a honeymoon or any sort of vacation to celebrate love goes back to ancient times. It is an opportunity to become intimate without interruptions, exploring the world and each other, sharing adventures while developing trust and connection. It is also practical to travel as a couple, sharing rooms and transportation, watching out for each other in unknown lands. Those in the travel industry know that romantic tourism is big business and beyond the expected locations possessing natural wonder there are a plethora of places eager to redefine themselves as romantic getaway destinations.


Destination Weddings

Many couples choose to escape the bulk of wedding planning madness by doing their ceremony far away from home in a uniquely memorable gorgeous locale. In fact, the destination wedding market accounts for $16 billion in annual spending, comprising 16% of marriages. Destinations range from the traditional Las Vegas quickie to one of many Caribbean beach resorts, with weather being a key selection factor. Several travel agencies have specialized counsellors that assist couples in recommending locations that will take care of most wedding details to make it as joyous and stress-free as possible. Creative collaboration, from initial consultation to comprehensive travel planning is a potentially lucrative field of resort management.


Short Getaways

Valentine’s Day is a particularly popular time of the year for romantic getaways. That perennial hotspot of love, Hawaii, sees nightly rates spike during this peak travel season and beach destinations all over are busiest when couples are wanting to escape the winter months. Washington DC recently launched a “Get a Room” marketing campaign, with numerous deals and hotel packages aimed at couples. Industry lobby group, the U.S. Travel Association, are promoting travel as an alternative to jewellery or chocolates to spark romance, citing statistics from relationship surveys to make their point. Wining and dining weekend trips to New York or Venice are popular for couples short on holiday time.



Enterprising folks are playing up the quirk factor with unusual romantic destinations like a floating hotel inspired by the Beatles’ famous yellow submarine in their hometown of Liverpool – not commonly considered a draw for lovers. Throughout the world there are ice hotels, treehouse hotels, elephant safari hotels – all branded as ideal love nests for those seeking memorable special excursions. “Romantic” has become the descriptor of choice for destination marketers, honing in on the primary motivations of escape and reconnection. Caught up in the noise and demands of daily life, many crave an opportunity to detox from digital distractions and reclaim the love lost before it slips away. While it is one thing to apply concepts from tourism management school to contrive a client’s romantic image, it is quite another to foster an environment that encourages discovery and pure pleasure through authentic experience. True romance is found behind the veneer when travelers actually feel.

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