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The Rise Of PCs In Business

19 SEP 2013
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It is difficult to remember a time when the computer workstation was not central to the proper functioning of most businesses’ daily programs. In this age of internet marketing, the PC is absolutely indispensable, because of the multiple lines of operation even the smallest home business must be responsible for. Whether you’re making presentations with spreadsheets for employee training and meetings, or setting up videoconferencing with transnational partners, the PC is the core device that makes it all possible.

The Importance of Employee Familiarity with Computers

Because of the widespread, almost ubiquitous utility of the PC in the business marketplace, it is rare that you can have a productive employee who is completely unfamiliar with computers – unlike in times past, when a few specialists were all that was needed. Today, business schools have sprung up both online and offline to equip you with all the necessary computer skills to make sure you’re competitive when you enter the business marketplace as without the necessary computer skills, it will be easy for your peers to out-compete you.

Beyond Business School: Protecting Computer Architecture

As the utility of PCs has risen dramatically over the past decade, so has the need for people with the skills to secure the company network. One of the more popular beneficiaries of this need have been programs specializing in IT training, which can be worth as much as any technical field – given the increase in cyber-attacks. Even when the threat of malicious software/hardware intrusions isn’t the primary concern, IT training has proven essential at all levels; whether your business is migrating to a new software-as-a-service platform, or simply upgrading system-wide programs, having an in-office IT technician is as important as any other position – moreso, in fact.

Furthermore, with the rise of several PC and marketing-related trends, having IT skills has become ever-more urgent. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and cloud server revolutions are in full swing. These network-expanding advancements inevitably compromise business security in most cases and since the reward is greater than the risk, network protection is heavily favored over not using the advancements at all.

Lastly, consider just a handful of the things PCs in business are useful for:

  • E-commerce websites simply wouldn’t exist without the computer and the widespread access your prospective customers have to PCs.
  • Advertising in general has been almost completely taken over by search engines when it comes to low-cost options. Pay-per-click campaigns would be nonexistent without the PC, as would the scores of traffic your business website is capable of landing.
  • Email has long since taken over for the Postal Service. Professional email marketing campaigns are capable of providing excellent ROI numbers for the judicious business.

Between the rigors of business school and the importance of IT training, the personal computer is the force that drives the growing call for people well-versed in either – or both. Either one provides the core skills to succeed in almost any company, or at least to be first in line for consideration.


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