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The Rise of Men in Healthcare Support Roles

19 FEB 2013
Career Path : Medical Office Assistant

As a man, you may be looking to diversify your employment options. Healthcare support worker positions have been traditionally been held by women, but there is no reason to rule training in medical support careers out, and lots of good reasons to try them. From nursing school to medical office assistant courses, through to personal support worker training, you have a huge range of options to try.


A nurse can mean anything from the graduate of a five year university program, to a two year training program or even a nursing assistant role. It may sound like a stereotypically feminine role, but nursing is extremely difficult and the education requirements have a reasonable math component. When you decided to study, you’ll have your choice between the long odyssey to become a “Registered” nurse or simply the less strenuous pursuit of a licenced nurse job. Keep in mind that compensation scales with educational investment. Male nurses might be rare, but they are growing in number and are in high demand. Some patients are only comfortable with a male healthcare worker, while other facilities are looking to employ a diverse base of personnel.


Sonogram Technician
You are probably familiar with the role from the sonogram visualization that is part of pre-natal care, but there’s more to it than rubbing petroleum jelly on the stomachs of pregnant women. Sonograms are used in all sorts of medical imaging for diagnoses, and the same technology is used for treatments of things like shin splints or lithotripsy.


Personal Support Worker
Personal support workers do the often literal heavy lifting of working with the mentally and physically handicapped. They assist their patients with day to day functions, from helping them run errands and get to medical appointments, to assisting patients with bodily functions. This is a field that desperately needs more male workers. They serve a diversity of clients and need an equally diverse work force. Personal support worker courses take little time to complete, and certificates can be earned in less than a year with an intensive program.


Medical Office Assistant
If healthcare tends to end up pink collar, administrative assistant is equally women-dominated. And yes, there’s no reason to let the advantages of medical office assistant courses be limited to women. It’s a job that tends to be very family friendly. It’s great for a person on physical disability, for example a second career after a body destroying manual trade. And the work tends to stay at work, so if you want to focus on outside hobbies or passions, you can guarantee regular hours with no late nights.


These are hardly the only healthcare options for men. But it’s a great leaping off place to inspire you to consider all your diverse options.



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